We work for your satisfaction

Trained staff, perfect handling

Our team consists of selected and specially trained for your high quality standards chauffeurs, dispatchers and hostesses who share the goal of pursuing to offer you a smooth and reliable service. Membership of the European network of first class limousine service companies EUROPEAN LIMOUSINE NETWORK allows us to perform this service in the same high quality throughout Europe.


Our Dispatcher know exactly how long a airport transfer takes, they create with you your event and you can reach them late at night if the time for your restaurant transfer will change.


We know the best guides in town, know exactly which restaurant suits your event and with the experience we have we can give you Tips for your event. We provide you with pleasure all relevant contact and if you wish we can also book your services.


You are welcomed by a charming smile of our attractive multilingual hostesses. They might be responsible for a warm receipt at the airport or act as professional customer advisers. They check the guest list, react to amendments in a competent way and care for your special guests liason and support.

Alle Chauffeure sind im Besitz aller erforderlichen Genehmigungen und haben eine aufwendige Ausbildung durchlaufen. Ständige Fahrsicherheits- und Protokollverhaltensschulungen garantieren höchste Professionalität. Natürlich tragen unsere mehrsprachigen Chauffeure schwarzen Anzug, weißes Hemd und einheitliche Krawatte.